Jury Clears Mascot in Hot-Dog-Flinging Case

ALERT: a second jury has found the Kansas City Royals and their mascot Sluggerrr not liable for Sluggerrr hitting a fan in the eye with a hot dog. As you may recall (and if not, by all means see below),…

Is It Still Robbery If You Just Ask Nicely?

Let’s say you walk into a bank, go up to a teller and say something like, “Hi, I was just passing by your bank and thought I’d stop in and see if you’d be willing to give me some money….

Dead Guy Sentenced to Six Months (Suspended)

The Associated Press reported last week that a Greek court had convicted a 46-year-old man of stealing electricity, although at the time of trial he had been dead for a couple of weeks. Normally, being dead is a pretty good defense,…