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State Supreme Court Rules on Fence Case

This excerpt from a judicial opinion was posted on Reddit as evidence that the practice of law is "interesting and glamorous": As already observed, one of the fence pickets concededly exceeds the permissible height by approximately 7/8ths of an inch….

Assorted Stupidity #135

In this edition: we’re still pretending to be a democracy for now, some poorly chosen tattoos, I mention a toad-venom case I forgot to mention, and some nonsense about islands.

Assorted Stupidity #111

In this edition: the Manson family might be getting back together; Minnesota’s getting an official horse; Kris Kobach isn’t a trial lawyer; the last of Martin Shkreli for a while; and a federal lawsuit involving a gingerbread house.

Top Posts of 2017

No spoilers, but the top post of the year involved fire, pants, and a defense lawyer.

Assorted Stupidity #142

In this edition: no good deed goes unlitigated, checking the wrong box costs someone $1 billion, Capitol rioters can’t keep their mouths shut, and another human loses a cockfight.

Good Reason to Kill #55: Dissed Your Smartphone

Few details are available regarding this incident, but then how many do you need? Last week in Tulsa, a woman noticed a man "covered in blood" stumbling around the parking lot of an apartment complex at about 1 a.m. When…